Hello! I’m Jessie, a designer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. 

With a background in graphic design, and professional experience in both print and digital design, I am a well rounded visual problem solver. I love working with passionate collaborators and helping people (and businesses) tell their story.

Currently open to freelance projects as well as full time opportunities!

For the past 4.5 years, I worked at Tinybop Inc., a children’s educational tech startup, creating beautiful apps for little explorers to discover the world wonders around them. At Tinybop, I focused on design and production of mobile apps, but also touched upon UI, UX, animation and illustration. Before that, I assisted Kelli Anderson on various projects, including installations and stop-motion animations made from cut paper.

I value collaboration, adaptability and attention to detail.

I’m also interested in illustration, printmaking, and crafting of all sorts. I thrive with any project that allows me to be hands-on.