I had the opportunity of exploring our solar system to create concept art for Space by Tinybop. For this project I directed the visual approach for the app, as well as execution of technical art, bringing life to still artwork. I also assisted with ideation of concept, user experience, and interaction design with the team at Tinybop. Read more about my process in illustrating Space in my artist interview.


Download it on the App Store! Check out the Handbook to learn more about space, and learn how to help kids get the most out of the app's rich content.

Explore our solar system! Travel into space and visit tiny Mercury, fierce Venus, friendly Earth, dusty Mars, stormy Jupiter, elegant Saturn, hazy Uranus, and mysterious Neptune. 
Hurl meteorites through the atmosphere. Spin around the sun and zoom onto its surface. Jump into a whirling space storm. Boldly go where no kid has gone before in 3, 2, 1…. liftoff!